Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blogging 2015: 123 down, 1892 to go

I finally got some decent sleep today!  Last night I was draaaaaaaaaging between 2 and 5am.  Not that that time frame doesn't inherently drag, but it's a lot worse when you're tired.

I got to try a new juice this morning. It was really good.  But it wasn't bacon, which is sad.

Such a pretty color.

After sleeping, I got on the treader.  It was warm out today, and I could have gone outside, but I'm still drinking gallons of fluid and like the bathroom close.  Also, this whole deal is a pretty extreme reduction in calories and I didn't want to take the chance of browning out while far from home.  I'm not sure why I'm so worried about that as it hasn't been an issue...just history I guess.  I've had that happen more than once in my life and I get paranoid about it.

Me and my buddy Torvald.

After my little 5 mile jaunt, I drank my Zinger (seriously, I'm in love) and showered up so we could take the kids to the Gambler game.  The girl child had been to a game before (her recollection?  "I remember it was loud") but not the boy children.  They got hot dogs and soda (which is a big deal-I can count on one hand the number of times they've had soda) and their reactions to the sodas were pretty priceless.  The boys both thought the soda was "too spicy"-it was cola.  The girl pouted because she was "hoping for water". If I can successfully raise children who don't drink soda because they don't like it, then I get a prize.  

This whole juice fast is pretty fucking fascinating.  I haven't been terribly hungry, which is surprising, and my reaction to hunger is less frightening.  I just grab a juice or make a cup of tea and it subsides.  I'm certainly better hydrated than I've been in a while.  After just 2 days my complexion is brighter.  The most bizarre thing?  I don't crave sweets at all. This may be because most of the juices are somewhat sweet, but who knows.  All I know is that the stuff I'm craving isn't my usual go to stuff.  What I want is salt. OMGSALT.  
The reason this shocks me so much is that I'm not typically a salty snacker.  I mean, I L-O-V-E salt.  I use it when I cook and my husband will tell you that I think everything needs salt.  I've been salting the shit out of my food since I was a kid.  There was initially a medical reason for that.  I had (have) extremely low blood pressure and used to pass out a lot, sometimes with injurious results.  The suggestion my parents were given was to make sure I got plenty of salt, so my palate is used to that flavor.  I've never, ever watched my sodium intake for that reason.  I don't need to.  I could eat blocks of salt and my systolic pressure never rises above 105.  That said, I don't typically crave salty foods.  When I crave, I crave sugar.  Sugar and highly processed carbs.  Tonight I spent most of the hockey game trying to breathe in the scents of popcorn and hot dogs and salty pretzels in an attempt to satiate the salt craving.  It kind of worked. The desire for salt was almost overwhelming between 5 and 7am this morning.  Maybe because I've conditioned myself to eat eggs and bacon at that time every day?  Who knows, but I considered just pouring salt packets into my mouth.

Tonight before the hockey game the kids were eating corn chips and my little son held up a Frito and said "Mommy, have you tried these?  They're delicious." I don't even like Fritos and I considered just licking one.

I. Want. Salt. 


And not that overpriced restaurant in DePere.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogging 2015: 118 down, 1897 to go

I made it through day one and most of day two of my juice fast.  I drank an ocean of water and a river of herbal tea and visited the bathroom a jillion times.

The only issue I had?  I was desperately craving salt by the end of the night.  Truly, that was my only problem.  I mean, I felt hungry here and there, but it was usually right before I was planning to have a juice anyway and they are oddly filling.  I was cold overnight from nothing but cold juice and water, but mint tea helped quite a bit with that.

I had three flavors of juice overnight.  Gnome is tasty.  It's tastes very fresh and...well, green.  It tastes like Spring would taste if you could eat it.  Really good.

I get 2 of these a day.

The Zesty Greens is...strong.  Very very vegetable in nature, and I was extremely conscious of the cabbage.  It wasn't bad exactly, but this is one I'm going to have to just sack up and drink every day.  It was very filling, but I can't say I enjoyed it.

Take your medicine.

At the end of the night I had this Veggiesaurus.  I was craving salt so hard at this point that it was difficult to drink this one because of the slightly sweet, carroty flavor.  It's probably pretty good as a stand alone, but I didn't want sweet at all at that point of the night, so it was another medicinal drink.

Hey, it kept me full for hours.

I started off my day today with the angry lemonade Zinger.  I love that one.  I'm stoked that it's my "breakfast" every day because it is fantastic.  I get a new one at the end of the night tonight, it's mostly berries and should be really good. The only "medicinal" I'll have tonight is the Zesty Greens.

Things I learned from the first 24 hours:  
1. I can deal with hunger.  I was worried about hypoglycemia, but that was a non-issue last night.
2. I crave salt.  I've always thought of myself as more of a sweets person, but the salt craving was almost overwhelming this morning.  
3. I like tea, but not drinking coffee for a whole week is going to be difficult.

So far so good. I'm not hangry, I'm not weak or sick or headachey.  I'm tired, but that's more of a lack of sleep situation than anything else.  The dog had her stitches removed (the ones she couldn't get to, she handily removed about 80% of her stitches herself) and was given a clean bill of health post-op.  Her appointment meant I didn't get to sleep until around 9:30 this morning.  I didn't sleep very well or very long today, so I'll have to make up a few of those hours tomorrow.  She and I got a 3 mile walk this afternoon, so there's that.

I'm told that days 2-3 of a juice fast are the worst.  Right now I'm about 36 hours into this, so the worst is in progress and it doesn't seem so bad.  That said, the hours between 2 and 4am can be rough even when not fasting so I'm not going to get too cocky.  

1 hour until the kids hit the sack.  Maybe I'll grab a snooze in the chair.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blogging 2015: 115 down, 1900 to go

A big milestone is on the horizon!  I'll break 1900 miles tomorrow!  I need to go look at the 2015 in 2015 website for the target mileage for January, but I think I've only got about 55 miles to hit it and still have over a week to get there.  No sweat.  If I recall correctly, hitting the mileage makes you eligible for prizes.  I like prizes.

So today I started a juice fast.  I watched a film called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a few weeks ago and was fascinated by the idea of it.  I decided to give it a go and found a place that does pre-packaged, fresh juices.  I wasn't prepared to spend $200 on a juicer before trying this out.  I remembered this week that about 10...or maybe 15?...years ago my Dad bought a juicer thinking he could juice the stuff he grew in his garden.  He didn't do it for long, but the juicer is still around so I may give making my own juice a go in the future.  I figured that doing this on my "on" week at work would serve 2 purposes.  1. Keep me from eating all the things at night and 2. Provide me with an automatic low activity period.  Obviously I'm not doing 3-a-days on just juice, but I can run/walk and go to yoga which is my primary exercise on my on weeks.

You can feel free to judge me, just do it quietly, m'kay?  M'kay.

So breakfast this morning was juice (and tea).

Fantastic husband took the boys to the Y for gym day and I hopped on the treader.  It was a lovely day, but I had consumed a crapload of water, tea, and juice and figured I'd be needing the bathroom.  I did 5 miles on the treader and had to stop to pee 3 times.  So good call there.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

After I got my required miles in, I made lunch for the kids so it would be on the table when they got home from the Y.  Just in time to eat it and head to 4K.  I had a juice.  This one had cayenne pepper in it, and holy shit was that delicious. This one was apple, lemon, ginger, and cayenne and it was like angry lemonade in the best way possible.  Seriously, I have never considered adding pepper to something like this, but you bet your ass I'll be sprinkling cayenne into my lemonade this summer.  I had a cocktail after Ragnar Adirondacks that was maple with cayenne and I liked it, but this is waaaaaay better.  I bet it would RULE with vodka.


Since it was such a nice day I joined fantastic husband and crazy dog for a 3 miles of bonus walking.  These are my favorite kind of winter days.  Bright blue sky, mostly dry roads, and the painful brightness of the snow sparkling in the sun.  We had a nice walk with the dog...and about a quarter mile from home I needed to pee with frightening urgency.

I have to work tonight, so when we got home it was nap time.  I actually got a few hours of sleep, which was nice.  Sometimes I have difficulty sleeping my first day since I slept all night the night before.  I also slept "late" this morning as I wussed out on going to CrossFit.  No real reason, just didn't want to get up.  It happens.

I was awakened by a small boy playing a drum.  So I got up to pee and tried to go back to sleep...only to hear the dog freaking out for some reason.  Which basically meant it was time to get up.  Dinner was juice. This one was carroty.  Tasty, though.  I still have 4 juices left for "today" which I'll be drinking overnight. They're all "green" juices so less carrot and more leafy greens.  I have a box of mint tea and cinnamon tea as well.  I'm cutting caffeine down, but it will take a few days to eliminate it.  I don't need a 7 day headache.  


So it's back to the salt mine this evening.  This was a good off week.  I only put on real pants once and got in lots of good activity.  I discovered a deep love for my Champion sweats.  The size large open cuff ones fit perfectly (as long as I don't put them in the dryer-I've turned more sweat pants into sweat capris that way) and are much cheaper than the Nike ones.  I need to find some more of those.  I may never wear jeans again.

I'm doing okay with the juice so far.  Tonight will be the true test.  What I'm hoping to get out of this is a reprogramming of my taste buds (I don't eat enough veg, I get lazy and I skip it) and a greater understanding of how to deal with cravings.  I get to the point where I don't understand what hunger feels like anymore. Do you do this?  You're so programmed to eat every couple of hours that you never actually get hungry...or you DO get hungry but your response to it is overblown?  Hunger is a message.  Am I going to starve to death? Hell no.  I could live for weeks off my saddlebags alone, but I react as though I've never eaten before and will never eat again.  I'm going to work on that this week.  

I'm an experiment of one.  Bring it on!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Blogging 2015: 107 down, 1908 to go

I had little visitors at 6am again this morning.  Little visitors demanding pancakes.  I make pancakes fairly frequently, I guess.  They love them and they are super easy to make.  I don't use a mix (seriously, what's in that stuff?) and I think my way is actually faster.  I've been using a Nigella Lawson recipe forever.  I have it memorized, which makes prep even quicker.

2 eggs
1&1/3 c milk
1tbsp baking powder
2 tbsp butter, melted
1tsp sugar (optional)
1&1/2 c flour

Place all ingredients in blender and blitz.  Then pour on a griddle and cook.  This would be a lousy smoothie.

While the kids chowed down I cut out frog clothes.  For real.  The boys had "homework" in the form of "Hey parent, cut out all this stuff so the kids can use it on Wednesday."  I of course had 2 sets to cut, and let me tell cutting skills are rusty.  I was going to type "my scissoring skills" but I don't want to start rumors.

Breakfast for me was oats and raspberries this morning with a nice cup of strong tea.
Warm and comforting.

I went south to pick up some stuff for tomorrow and got myself a juice for the ride home.  It's beets, apples, and limes.  It was pretty damn tasty.  Also oddly filling.  I did have a moment of panic later in the day when I peed pink.  I was all "AAAAHHH!  Blood!" and then remembered "NOOOO.  Beets."

Pretty colors.

I got home and fantastic husband and I decided to do something we've talked about for ages.  We walked to the Settlement bar and had lunch and a beer.  It's about 1.75 miles from our house to the Settlement.  We walked up there, had a big beer and shared some cheese curds and I had a haddock sandwich.  It was all delicious.  I don't think I've had a beer since Tyranena.  Then we walked back the long way and picked up the kids at school.  Total distance was 4.64 miles.  Not too shabby.  It was a pretty nice day out.

Dinner was Bora Bora Fireballs from Well Fed.  This is a recipe we've talked about for years but have never made.  They were tasty, kinda kicky.  Fantastic husband said they'd make a dandy appetizer if you cut the size down and I agreed.  

And an orange, because orange.

After supper and kid wrangling I hopped on the treadmill to round my distance up to 7 on the day.  I have no photographic proof as my phone was on the charger, so you'll have to take my word for it.  

Then I folded some laundry, knitted a bit of sock, and am getting ready to turn in.  Plan for tomorrow is to hit the box at 0515, then run while the kids are at gym day.  I have to get a nap tomorrow at some point so I'm not dragging all night.  Especially since Friday morning will be eaten up taking the dog to have her stitches removed.

This dog.  The one that thinks she's a person.

Ok, off to dreamland.  Yawn.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blogging 2015: 100 down, 1915 to go

Holy shit!  I hit 100 miles today.  Probably would've been more triumphant had I been running vs. dicking around with the dog.  Still, miles are miles.

She could barely contain her excitement.

Fantastic husband is working today, so I had to make my own breakfast which is total bullshit.  The kids did not complain about the eggs this morning!  It's a Martin Luther King Jr. Day miracle!


Walked the girl child to school and started my second sock.  I debated going to the box this morning, but lost track of time and...didn't.  Sue me.  Thursday morning 0515 is looking pretty good, though.

I made a frozen pizza for the boys' lunch and I had a chocolate banana smoothie.  

I also had a slice of frozen pizza.  It was pretty great.

The boys had 4k today, and they were itching to go back to school.  We walked over since it was such a nice day, and I continued on with the dog for my 5 mile "rest".  

I had a snack of honeyed brie and berries, because it's fucking delightful.

The kids did something to the DirecTV receiver in the basement, so there was much drama surrounding the lack of cartoons this afternoon.  They managed to survive.  

I made citrus carnitas for supper, which is magic pork.  You spice the meat, put it in a pot with lemon and lime juice and water...then just kind of let it boil for 2 hours until the water is gone and the meat caramelizes.  It is fantastic.

And the kids ate it without complaint.  
Pinch me.

We watched the muppets and snuggled after dinner, which was very pleasant.  If they go to bed without incident I might have to bronze one of them to commemorate today.  

I feel nice and recovered, so tomorrow it's back to running vs. walking with some planks thrown in for good measure.  

I spent some time today trying on my vacation clothes and swimsuits.  I hate clothes.  About half the stuff I tried on fit fine and I thought "Hey, I look pretty decent in this!" and the other half I tried on and thought "Sweet chocolate Christ, what the fuck is this?"  Don't get me started on the horror that is trying on swimsuits.  One top is too big, but the size down is so small it hurts.  The bottoms are either large and baggy or so tight they cut. The bottom fits fine but the top is all crazy.  Who designs this shit?  But, I'm working on not caring.  Most of my stuff fits fine, and it's not like I'm going to see most of these people again anyway.  They get to look at me in all my muffin-top, stretch mark and spider veined glory.  Lucky bastards.

One hundred miles.  I'm kind of impressed with myself.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Blogging 2015: 95 down, 1920 to go

Today was a no school day for the kids, so like all good parents we put them in daycare so we could hang out and do what we wanted.

This morning we had a little quiet time with the laundry and dishes, then went for some core yoga together. No selfie.  I can sense your disappointment.

Fantastic husband made me breakfast.

After yoga we got some chow and then went to the grocery store to shore up our home supplies.  It was very exciting.  One thing that parenthood has done to my marriage is turn all "date nights" into "random stupid errand running" nights.  Even if we go on an actual date...a meal and a movie, golf, etc...we still end up stopping for a gallon of milk or (back in the day) a bag of diapers or some other utterly boring, non-romantic, mundane thing.  I guess it's kind of romantic?  Taking care of our family together?  Or something.

Sweet potato fries are amazing.

After lunch and errands we took the dog for a 3 mile walk, then dropped her off (she's supposed to be taking it easy still) and then continued on for another 3 miles.  Today was about recovery, so it was just a nice stroll.

We picked up the kids and walked them home from daycare.  Dinner was leftovers because we forgot that citrus carnitas take 3 hours to cook.  Oh well, tomorrow.

Brat and carrot fries.

And that's it.  That's all.  Exciting, right?  I'm almost done with a sock, which is exciting to me but probably not to you.

Tomorrow is a toss up.  I'm still pretty sore from the last few days and my hamstrings are super tight. Might just be some good stretching and walking on the treader, but that could change based on how I feel in the morning.  

I like a dull day now and then.  It's good for the spirit to have some time to recharge.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blogging 2015: 89 down, 1926 to go

D'oh.  I should've gone for one more mile.

Some time during the night I got a bed buddy.  Fantastic husband was working, and about 50% of the time when he's on shift one of the boys decides to sleep in my bed.  He was sneaky, bringing two stuffed animals and his blanket over the course of the night.  I became aware of him around 4am when he started snoring.  It was kind of precious.  I let him be.

At around 6:30 the other boy-child bounced in and the usual morning litany began.  Once everyone was settled with their french toast and pears, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal with diced apples and maple pecans.

This was delightful.

I was pretty locked up from the last few days, so I decided to head over to the box for cold broga.  I got an hour of good stretching and then headed home so fantastic husband could go out for his run. No selfie.  I know you're disappointed.

I ate an orange.  You know what that looks like.

After fantastic husband finished up his run, I went out for mine.  No treader today because it was damn near 40 degrees!  No gloves even!  My legs were like fucking lead, though.  After the last few days I was spent. Took just shy of an hour to cover 5 miles.

That no parking sign is PROMINENT. 

After this run I pretty much dove into the shower...because I hadn't showered in almost 48 hours.  And I worked out 1...2...3...4...5 times in that time frame including today's run.  That's so gross, y'all.  I mean, I washed my face and put on clean clothes and deodorant, but still.  Gross.

Lunch was a couple of brats and a margarita, because SOMEONE drank ALL THE BEER.  And no, Judgy McJudgerson, it wasn't me.  I haven't had a beer in months.  I probably could've had some veg, but I just didn't care enough at that point.


So yeah.  The Packers played today.  They lost, which was really fucking sad.  Can't say it wasn't an exciting game, though, considering I've suddenly developed a heart arrhythmia and the intense desire to resume smoking.

I did make a lot of progress on my sock, though, so there's that.  At one point during the game I consumed some cheese in solidarity.  SOLIDARITY, MOTHERFUCKER!

French cheese counts, right?

After that heartbreaking loss, we had Czech meatballs.  It helped a little.  

Just a little.

Tomorrow the smalls will go to daycare since there's no school, and fantastic husband and I will get to spend a little time together.  I plan to go to yoga for some core work, then a nice recovery walk.  I really felt like my legs were made of rock on today's run.  It was a gorgeous day and I'm glad I went, but it's definitely time for a day or two of easy miles.

And now to watch Pats and the Colts.  It'd be cool if the Colts won, but that's looking unlikely.  Stupid Patriots.  

Back to the socks, then early to bed.  Another week begins!