Monday, April 21, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 117

So Saturday and Sunday I didn't photograph what I ate.  I took the weekend off and had a little fun with friends and a few unclean meals.  Not unclean in the sense of unwashed or you know, cloven hoofed or whatever.  Because I eat the meat of the cloven hoofed animal all the time and that shit is delicious.  No, I mean unclean in I ate bread (and super sugary bread at that), some cheese cake, had a few glasses of wine, and some pizza.  Ermahgehrd pizza.  Pizza is so horrible for you, but no matter how much I tell myself that it still tastes like a party in my mouth.  For fuck's sake there's a party named after pizza.  It's a pizza party.

Anyway, I ate the shit out of some shitty food this last weekend.  I feel pretty good, but holy balls am I bloated.  Fortunately I took my final measurements for the challenge club before going all gluten glutton.  My weight dropped about 5lbs, which is nice, but my waist shrank to 30.25 inches from 32.  This is my natural waist (ie the narrowest point of your torso-bend to the side, where you crease is your natural waist) and it hasn't been below 30 since high school.  I am going to hit a sub-30 waist this summer.  It will happen.  A sub-30 waist is going to suck with 42 inch hips.  The world is not ready for this jelly.

I'm not sure how the daily blog thing will work on my overnights, so I'll take pictures of what I eat during the day and a picture of what I'm taking for "lunch" overnight.  I'm really packing two meals and a snack for my 10 hour shift.  Dinner is my "breakfast" around 5pm, lunch is around 11pm, and dinner will be around 5am with a snack in between.  I ate a breakfast when I got home this morning (Monday morning) because I ate practically nothing overnight and I was ravenous.

On to the menu!
I still have some egg bake, but eating it makes me sad, so I tossed some cheese on it (local cojack-certainly not low fat) and it was a much happier dish.  Add in a little 'nana pudding for fat/protein and banana for carbs and this was a 3-4 block meal.
Egg bake is more exciting with cheese.
I slept from 9 until about 2:30.  I should've gone to sleep earlier, but the Boston marathon was on and I had to watch at least the start of it. I had bacon and raisins for a 1 block snack on waking.

There were raisins.  1 block snack.

Husband made Mu Shu (Moo Shoo?!?) pork from Nom Nom Paleo and it was Nom Nommy as usual.  We are all about the Asian inspired paleo cooking this month.

Nom Nom indeed.

Took the puppy to puppy class and fed her much cheese and a few hot dog pieces.  She was a rockstar as usual.  Then came home and tried to eat the hem of my pants.  Went to Target after to grab a julienne peeler as my spiralizer went home to Jesus last week and treated myself to a passion tea.  Unsweetened, of course.

Mmmm.  Pink tea.

So here is my lunch box for work.  Egg bake with cheese and grapes for my 5am breakfast, beef stew provencal for my 11pm lunch, and half a sliced apple with chocolate hazelnut butter for my snack somewhere in there.  I should probably eat more food, but I've discovered that eating too much at one time overnight causes a little heartburn and I'm not down with that.  Easy fix? Smaller portions.

Look how organized!  This lunch kit even has it's own cutlery.

Here it is all packaged up and ready to go.  How cute is this lunch?!?  

Bento boxes FTW.

Tomorrow the kids go to daycare, so I'll be able to get a lot of sleep during the day.  That makes life a lot easier.  I probably won't make Dancing for Dummies tomorrow night which is a bummer, but I can't take my kids to the studio.  One of my classmates will just have to catch me up.  I'm looking to get back into the box on Thursday and Saturday I'm headed to Des Moines for the Drake Relays-on-the-Roads half marathon.  I have a lot of races in the next month!  Hardware city!  And I might just make the leap into the Half Fanatics. We shall see.

Time to watch a little TV, then change and head out to the grind.  Bring on night 5/7!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 111-114

Woo! New Chromebook!  It's pretty and fast and so far I really love it.  I'm getting the hang of using the cloud drive and not having a full on "hard drive" to access, so this is going to be mostly pictures of what I ate for the last 4 days in no particular order.

I worked my first night shift last night (as a shadow for training) and it went fine.  It was a quite night, which isn't really the norm, but it works for training purposes.  My goal for the next week is to find things in the pharmacy (so I know where to look when time is of the essence) and make sure I'm good and familiar with the technology that could bite me if I'm unprepared.

On to the menu (in no particular order).  Some of my pictures were lost in the Great Computer Transition of this isn't everything.

I love these.  Crunchy and sweet.  Just apples and cinnamon.

Cincinnati chili on a 'tater.  Tasty.

Pad Thai.  I blew up a squash in the microwave for this.
Worth it.

I'm sick of egg bake.

It was prettier the first time around.  So delicious.  My favorite.

'Nana pudding.

'Nana pudding and eggs.

Really sick of egg bake.

And more egg bake

Tod Mun chicken cakes with cucumber relish.  
This is sooooo good.

'Nana pudding as breakfast snack

Leftover meatballs and beans.

2 block snack.

I was reasonably proud of myself for not raiding the food available overnight.  I didn't get much sleep on Thursday, so I was dragging a little by 4am, but even though there was cake (smelly, smelly cake) in the break area I was able to avoid it completely.  I ate the food I brought and nothing more.  I have a lunch packed for tonight, but I'll probably snag some fruit from the cafeteria (if they have some) just for something a little sweet.

Tomorrow is the wrap party for our 90 day challenge at the gym.  I'm looking forward to it.  Just have to toss some stuff in the crockpot to cook when I get home from work tomorrow and I'm set.  I may indulge in some cheese curds on Saturday night...we'll see.  

Sunday is Easter and we usually do an egg hunt for the kids, but they got so much stuff from their grandparents and aunt that I don't think I'm going to bother.  Nobody needs that much candy.  Especially not me.

I got almost 8 hours of sleep today, so tonight should go pretty well.  Fingers crossed!

This will be more cohesive in the coming days, now that I have my lovely new machine :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 110

I'm pretty happy with today.  The puppy only got up once to go out during the night (and she was lightening fast because it was pouring rain) and then got up at a perfectly respectable 6:30am, right before my alarm was set to go off.  I felt bad for her when it was time to take her morning poop.  She was all jacked to go outside, wiggling and whining, and then I opened the patio door and she was all "NOOOOOOOOOOO" and backpedaled so hard she almost knocked the kitchen chairs over.

The kids got up and dressed with minimal horsing around, though they did complain bitterly about breakfast. Only children who have the luxury of a hot breakfast every morning would bitch and cry about scrambled eggs, toast, and fresh fruit.  I mean really.  I make motherfucking pancakes from scratch at least once a week, french toast, cheesy eggs, waffles, cinnamon rolls, bacon, sausage, many varieties of fruit and what do the little asswipes want?  Fucking cereal.  I'd be half tempted to let them rot their guts and their teeth if I could trust them to pour the milk.  My luck I'd end up with a lake of rotting dairy and a mold problem. I really can't wait until they are eating Ramen to survive.  Payback is a bitch and so am I.

After a fairly peaceful morning, I went to the gym and had a great workout.  It is so fantastic to be able to just do the workout and not worry about getting out on time to get to work.  Especially since I don't have to work until Thursday...

Came home and showered up, messed around with the kids and the dog, then took Lucy to puppy class at Golrusk.  She made some puppy friends and met lots of humans of various ages and sucked up to the instructor something fierce.  She was all over that woman.  Giving kisses, sitting pretty, climbing into her lap and wiggling her little butt around like it was the BEST! DAY! EVAR!  She was a champ at responding to her name, sitting, standing, and "leave it", but sucked at "down".  The instructor said that's at least partly her breed, as Vizslas don't much like to be "down" unless they're sleeping.  So now we have stuff to work on.

Tomorrow will be a great day, too.  I'll hit CF at 5:15, get a few household chores done, and after the husband gets home from training I'm going to take a dance class.  An introductory "Dancing for Dummies" class for adults who've never danced before.  I am weirdly excited about it.  I am possibly the least graceful, least coordinated person on earth.  My parents were of the variety that thought dance was "useless" so I never took classes.  I had to beg to take gymnastics and after failing the same class three times my Mom put an end to that.  I took piano, I read a lot, and I did lots of resume building extra curriculars (not that they didn't serve me well).  The idea of giving it a try at this late stage of the game is both exciting and terrifying.  And for some reason I'm all about trying shit out lately.  So what the hell.  Dancing for Dummies is at Jenstar Yoga in DePere on Tuesday nights at 5:15pm.  Feel free to come join me.  It can't be anything but a hoot.

On to the menu!
I made egg bake!  And it didn't suck!  The chorizo made it super spicy.  I loved it.  3 blocks of protein, fat from the sausage, and I added some fruit to round out the veggies.  There's a shitload of spinach and peppers in here, but all divided up I figured it wasn't 3 blocks worth.
Restaurant quality, bitches.

In my continual quest to clean out the fridge, I finished up the last of the Country Captain chicken and some green beans.  Microwaved frozen green beans with Kerrygold butter and pink Himalayan sea salt because I am fucking fancy.  Also, last I looked there wasn't a sea in the Himalayas.  That must be some primordial salt.

Threeish blocks.

Last venison stick and some raisins.  Two block snack.

Good-bye Maplewood meat sticks.  I'll miss you. 

Dinner was the Thai Basil Beef I didn't make on Sunday.  Sweet baby dolphins this shit is delicious.  Spicy, bright, and fresh tasting.  These beans are real.  

From Well Fed 2

Earlyish to bed tonight so I can early to rise.  Hopefully not in a blizzard this time.  

Days off FTW.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 109

Spending the whole day with three little kids and a baby dog is really stressful.  It probably shouldn't be, but my kids are weird as hell with this dog and doing any household chores with a literal ankle biter following you around is damn near impossible.

The laundry room is off limits to the dog, as we can close it off and Vizsla puppies are notorious sock eaters. Her food bin is also housed in there, which makes it The Land of All Forbidden Wonderfulness.  Because she is little and quick and slippery as shit, she has gotten in there a couple of times and immediately begins to wreak havoc.  So I did some laundry today, but it's not like I'll get to fold it.  Well, I might, but I'll have to do it during Game of Thrones after her last outside for the night.

I fed the dog about a half a pound of string cheese today trying to teach her "off".  We don't want her on the furniture (because if I can't sit down without a pile of fucking children sitting on my lap, legs, shoulders, and head, I sure as shit don't want to add a furry mouthful of teeth to that pig pile), and she being a jumpy dog has already gotten up on the living room stuff.  If I snap my fingers and point to the floor and say "Off!" she hops down and sits pretty.  I praise and give her a little piece of cheese.  I repeat.  And repeat.  So she sits pretty and waits for cheese and praise.  The moment I try to lengthen the time between cheeses, she hops back up, I give the command, and she drops back down into a sit.  And gets cheese.

She is a conniving little bitch, who deeply loves cheese.

The kids?  Well, in spite of running around CFGB for an hour today (swinging on rings and ropes and chasing all over) then did not nap.  That never bodes well for my afternoon.  C gets tearful about everything when he's tired, so an improperly unwrapped snack (seriously) made for an hourlong lament.  Did I mention this was while we were walking the dog around the neighborhood?  Because it was.  By the end of that walk I was ready to choke out every single one of them.  They are all very lucky the "don't kill your progeny" instinct is so strong.

On to the menu!
Breakfast was pretty basic.  Bananas and strawberries for carbs.

A strong 3 block meal.

I was supposed to cook today, but the fridge is overflowing with leftovers, so I went for cleaning out the fridge instead.  The last of the spag squash with some sauce while I re-watched last week's GoT.

"You took too long."
"What are you saying."
"I'm saying you took too long."

Snack was some porkitos ans raisins from Trader Joe's.  Or TJ's, because I'm down like that.

You still haven't made porkitos?  I'm not sure we can be friends.

Leftovers for dinner as well.  I was supposed to make Thai Basil Beef, but that can wait.  The fridge is packed so full that finding things inside is difficult.  I completely forgot about this cauliflower, and there was only one pork burger left.  Two dishes cleared out of the cooler.  Winning.

Mmmmm.  Fiber.

I have resisted making egg bake this whole challenge.  Mostly because I get sick of eating the exact same thing every morning.  But I had a pound of chorizo and a bag of spinach both on the point of going over, so I made egg bake.  Onion, mushroom, red pepper, spinach, chorizo, and eggs.  It smelled fantastic in the oven and it looks very colorful.  We'll see if I can stomach it for a week.

A rainbow of taste.

I also made banana chia pudding, which will be a handy snack this week.

I have to wash the children.  They are currently running in circles around the living room.  The puppy is in her crate because she wouldn't stop nipping and then flat out bit the fleshy part of my upper arm.  That really fucking hurts.  At this point I'd be willing to go for another walk to tire them out, but it's raining.  I had hoped for a good round of "chase the dog around the yard", but the yard is completely swamped.  

It's okay, though.  My husband will be home in 12 hours.  Cosmos and GoT are on tonight.  I get to workout in the morning, and puppy socialization class is tomorrow night.  As long as I can clean all these little fuckers and shove them into bed before Neil deGrasse Tyson starts talking it will be all good.  

One hour and 10 minutes until bedtime.

Kill me.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Day 106-108

Two days in Milwaukee for computer training.  You know who was in the class?  Me.  That's it.  Just me.  In a "101" computer class for a program I already kind of know how to use.  Zeus bless the instructors.  It has to be awkward teaching a "class" of one.  Especially when that one is a tattooed loudmouth with multicolored hair and a deep love of cursing.  They were both pretty cool, though.  I'd go out drinking with them.

It wasn't a complete waste of time, but it was a little fucked up that I had to drive all the way to Milwaukee and stay in a hotel for it.  On the plus side, I got to have dinner with an old friend (meaning we've been friends for a long time, not that she is-or I am-old) and go to Trader Joe's.  Trader Joe's is a wonderful place full of whole foods and creative candy.  And wine for three dollars.  Three dollars.  I clearly bought some.  I didn't drink it, but I bought some.  I was tempted to drink it.  Really tempted.

On to the menu!

Here's Thursday's menu:  RxBar for breakfast, JJ un-wich for lunch, and a three course dinner at the Rumpus Room in Milwaukee.  Holy shit do you need to eat at the Rumpus Room the next time you're down there.  We had an appetizer that boils down to "You there!  Bring meat and cheese!  Enough for two ravenous women!"  It was a platter of two kinds of meat (a salami and some mortadella), three kinds of cheese, figs, cranberries, honey, and olives.  The brought bread, too, but who gives a shit about bread when there's a plate of meat and cheese?  The second course was a salad with beef carpaccio and grapefruit sections.  Deeeeeeeeelicious.  The main course we split.  Seared scallops, sweet potato puree and brussels sprouts sauteed with side pork.  Amazing.  So I had cheese, and one beer.  Off with my head.

Friday?  Dried fruit and nuts and coffee for "breakfast", then nothing until I got home around 2pm.  Training finished up early, so I just hammered home.  Then proceeded to eat several venison sticks.  Dinner was mandarin chicken prepared by my loving husband.

Atop some spaghetti squash.

I ate some cherries for a snack later on.  Trader Joe's has the most amazing selection of unsweetened dried fruit.


Today things got back to normal.  I went to the gym (seriously my first "real" workout is over a week) and had some free WOD fun.  I made breakfast like normal.

I couldn't finish all the pancakes.  When you use 2 eggs it ends up being a lot of food.

My husband made spaghetti sauce on Thursday while I was gone.  It's even better after it's set for a day or two.  This recipe (from Well Fed 2) calls for balsamic vinegar and it has a fantastic bite.

Seriously, get in my belly.
I found a lonely packet of prosciutto in the fridge, so I made porkitos.  Porkitos and dried cherries were a perfectly nice snack.  I ate them in front of the dog.  She was not amused.

It's fucking bacon chips.

We made bacon wrapped chicken strips and roasted broccoli for dinner.  First go at this, and they were pretty good.  I think the oven was too full, because they didn't get as crunchy as I expected.  Still a winner, though, and the kids gobbled them up.

I mean, what's not to like?

 Then I had a little after dinner treat.


Tomorrow I have to take the kids to the gym for the challenge club meeting.  I'm debating taking the dog.  That might be a little ridiculous.  We'll see.

I was having this "Ermahgerd, husband works on Sunday!  When am I going to get a run in?!?" and then I remembered I don't have to work until 9pm on Thursday!!  I can run whenever I want!  Monday I'm going to CF at 9:15 and say hi to the group I used to work out with.  Tuesday will be 5:15 with my usual crew.  Wednesday 9:15 and the kids are at daycare/school so afterwards I'm going to hit the FRT for 5ish miles.  I am psyched.  One week of shadowing, then a whole week off, then it's on.  

I've got cleaning, cooking, and garden building to do!  So much time to accomplish whatever I want!  There may even be time for sock knitting.  

All my CF and running people that I've hardly seen these last two weeks?  I'm coming back!  


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Days 103-105

Can I just tell you how hard it is to do a daily blog with a new puppy?  Pretty fucking hard.  Electrical cords are apparently delicious, because the animal has been attempting to eat every one in the house since Sunday. I've been more successful at blogging than getting to the gym, and that's a little pathetic.

All that's about to change, though.  I worked my last non-third shift today.  I have 2 days of out of town computer training to round out the week and then I'm officially a third shifter.  I can't wait for everything to settle into a routine again.  I'm over my cold and the weather is improving which makes me itch to run, but everything has been so AAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaAAaAAAaaaa around here for the last 2 weeks that I can't work, care for all the small humans in the house, constantly keep an eagle eye on the new dog, workout, AND sleep.  Something had to give, and it was the gym.  Fortunately, the cafeteria has been providing plenty of healthy meals and we've been cooking at home as well so at least foodwise I'm still on track.

I am so looking forward to a daily workout.  10 days off is tooooooo looooooong.  I forgot how to do everything active.  Well, we've been walking the dog...

On to the menu!
I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast on Monday.  It was 2 eggs, bacon, and pineapple.  Nice and Zoney.  Lunch was leftover chili with zoodles.  The zoodles make this.  It is so good, and was better the second day.  Sunday night I slept for shit because I was on puppy duty and she got up every single goddamn hour.  Nature makes babies cute for a reason.  So you won't kill them in a sleep deprivation induced rage.

Dog in the kennel, kids napping.

My sock club shipment arrived, and being the 90 year old lady I am, I was very excited.  I get a skein of sock yarn, 2 patterns for socks, and 2 cookie recipes.  This shipment included a recipe for Amaretti, which I made paleo by subbing raw honey for the sugar.  They are beautiful and delicious.  And pretty Zoney, truthfully.  Made with eggwhite, almonds, and honey, they hit all the Big Three.  Definitely a "sometimes" treat, but not the worst thing for a person.

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

I made Rosemary Pork Burgers for dinner.  This recipe is so beautiful and simple with such a bright flavor.  I love it.  I stuffed this one with goat cheese and it was divine.  Just pan fried as I couldn't operate the grill, and simultaneously watch the children and the dog.  Oh, BTW?  Kids will try to murder each other the moment you begin food prepping or pick up a knife.  A new puppy will try to murder the children or shit on your carpet the moment you put your hands in raw meat.  I learned a valuable lesson:  KENNEL THE DOG WHILE YOU COOK.

Seriously the best use of goat cheese ever.

Tuesday I worked a day shift after 2 nights of minimal sleep.  Getting the kids off to school and making it to work on time went shockingly well considering my general state of hhhhuuuuuuhhhhh?  But I sure as shit wasn't together enough to pack a lunch.  Cafeteria to the rescue.

Ye olde standebye.

And because being tired makes me hollow and I'm basically a Hobbit:

Second breakfast.

The resident thought the combo was odd because fruit is so healthy and bacon is not.  But she had candy for breakfast, so I let that slide.  I went down to the chemo cave to learn about an aspect of the computer system that I'll have to use infrequently.  At around 2 I was hungry for lunch, so here it is.  Chicken salad and tea.

Boring, but easy.

The hubs made meatballs for dinner.


This morning I felt a little better since I was off dog duty last night and actually got a reasonable amount of sleep.  I barely made it to work on time, though, so cafeteria it was again.

I spend a lot of time isolating the pineapple.

Lunch was build your own nachos.  For me that means meat, lettuce, tomato, olives, jalapeno, and a shitload of guac.  

Not exactly nachos.

Dinner was leftover pork burgers and roasted cauliflower.  Serviceable.  I'm teaching myself to enjoy cauliflower florets.  It's going....okay.

Pork burgers are awesome.

I haven't been snacking as I should.  Mostly this is because my meals have been closer to 4 or 5 blocks than 3 as I haven't been making them at home as often.  I also haven't felt hungry between meals because of that fact, so I haven't been "eating just to eat".  My second breakfast day was an exception, of course.  I've had a few Amaretti, which I think counts as they are calorie dense and relatively complete.  The cafeteria isn't 24 hours, so once I'm third shifting it I won't be able to rely on it.  I'll also have plenty of time in the evenings to make my meals and I'm looking forward to it.  

So pretty.

After a week of consciously trying to remain "in the Zone" I've been pretty successful.  I haven't really noticed excessive hunger, and if I've felt hungry "early" it's because I forgot to eat my snack or there was an imbalance in my previous meal that I was able to correct.  I lost just shy of 2 pounds, which is fairly impressive as I feel like all I do is stuff my face.  I don't feel deprived (except for cheese which I want all the time) and aside from the stress I cause myself by not getting enough veg carbs (who can eat that much salad/veg?  I ASK YOU WHO?  OR WHOM? OR WHATEVER IS GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT) I've been reasonably chill about it.

I wonder if I could find the 150s again.  It's only 6lbs away...and perhaps that 29 inch waist is out there somewhere as well.  

Oh.  I also want wine.  Maybe with some cheese.

And I want to go to the gym.  And for a run.  Or maybe both in one day like a boss.  I'm so excited for days off!  Days off!!!  And I put in a vacation request today, too!  A vacation request!!  WHO AM I?!?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blogging the Menu: Days 101 and 102

It's been busy around here the last couple of days!  We spent about 9 hours travelling on Saturday and had a semi-sleepless Saturday night.  Today was all about busy boredom, just like having a new baby.  What were we travelling for?  This little girl.

This is Lucy.  

She traveled remarkably well, minus a little whining initially.  One little accident at my SIL's house (my fault, she was whining and I didn't take her out right away) and the rest of the trip was flawless.  Thanks to my lovely co-worker for bringing over her over-the-seat DVD players.  The kids were occupied the whole trip with minimal whining!  Woo!  She didn't eat much the last couple of days, but she's peeing and pooping (outside!!) and getting lots of treats.  Last night aside from a midnight outing she slept through.  I'm on duty tonight, so we'll see how she does.  Tomorrow we're off to the vet and PetCo for a Kong ball and a dog bed she can snuggle into in the living room.  She'll be crated while we eat (which she seems mostly cool with), while we're gone (haven't dealt with that just yet), and overnight (so far so good).

Making new friends is exhausting.

On to the menu!
Eating has been pretty decent, even with the new arrival and the general upheaval that brings.  I took this picture so you could see the kitchen chemistry I mentioned last week.  See the emerald green color?  That's backing soda and Sunbutter at work.  Still pretty tasty, though.

Chemistry is delicious.

We stopped at Hardee's for lunch.  I had a lettuce wrapped burger and a couple of curly fries.  Not the best road food, but certainly not the worst.  The place was about 20 minutes before we hit the breeder's place and timed out well.  They even had a ball pit for the burning off of energy.  Winning.


After pick-up and the drive to my SIL's place, I was hungry.  My lunch wasn't the most balanced, and didn't keep me full for long.  This RxBar and the dried fruit kept the hangry at bay while we were on the road.

It was an apple heavy day.

We got back to town around 6pm.  There wouldn't be time to cook anything at home so we stopped at Little Cesar's for one of the hot 'n ready pizzas.  And then I sat with two pizzas and breadsticks on my lap, inhaling their forbidden fragrance the rest of the way home.  I was salivating like Pavlov's fucking dog, and I wanted that pizza so bad I could literally, literally taste it.  But I didn't eat it.  I had leftover broccoli beef instead.

Not pizza.

Weird little snack a bit later.

One block, bitches.

Our little puppy friend is an early riser, so we had breakfast well before 7am.  I was cleaning up the fruit remainders so that's banana and blackberries mixed together.  Surprisingly tasty combo.

Three blocks of tasty.

We pretty much chased the puppy around all day.  The kids are being so fucking strange.  They wanted the dog, but only seem to want her in theory.  They all want to play with her, but don't want to actually touch her.  P is probably the closest to "getting it".  He will pet her while she sits in his lap and roll a ball for her, but spend any time away from her (nap, etc) and it's back to square one.  C calls her, then hides from her.  L lets her hair hang in front of her face and holds her arm out practically asking the dog to jump.  Sigh.  They'll get it eventually.  So far we are lucky, and little Miss Lucy is calm and cool as a cucumber with little bits of puppy crazy mixed in.

Lunch was leftover Country Captain chicken.  I didn't have much veg in the house to use for carbs, so I went the fruit route.  There's curry in the chicken recipe, and the pineapple was a nice compliment.

It's colorful, anyway.

My one block snack was a coconut milk latte and a meat stick.

I know.  Odd.

Later on I was just fucking hungry, so I ate this RxBar so I wouldn't eat pizza.

Not really satisfying.

Went to the grocery store and got backed into by a teenage boy in Mom's minivan.  Not entirely his fault, a car in front of me came whipping out of a parking spot (conveniently located behind a truck with an extra long bed) and I had to hit the brakes hard.  Then when I realized the dude wasn't stopping, I put her in reverse and let her roll back.  I would've been clear if the other car hadn't backed straight out in front of me. Then bonk I felt the van hit me.  Going 0.5mph.  The stupid little compact car that triggered the whole thing never saw me.  I actually felt really bad for this kid.  He was really nice, and I could tell he was pretty worried.  We exchanged information, and I'll follow up with his parents tomorrow.  The damage to my car was pretty minimal, and he basically had a slightly dented bumper.  First collision for me in a looooooong time.  

Meh.  It's a 6 year old paid off car.  
You can tell by the filth how much I care about aesthetics.

Got the shopping done, and came home in time to have Cincinnati Chili with zoodles.  This was really tasty, and there's enough for leftovers which is pretty boss.  My spiralizer broke, but I think I paid all of $10 for the thing and I've gotten plenty of use out of it.  We recycled it.  

This would be the shit on cheese fries.

So now we're watching Cosmos and Game of Thrones is DVRing.  After taking puppers out for the last time she'll hit the crate for a 15 howl break and I'll hit the couch.  I figure it'll take about a week for her to "get" the crate at night.  I'm sure it's disorienting for a little one.  Shit, I let my kids cry, a dog ain't no thing.

So much good TV to watch tonight.  I'll be up forever.